Duoflect ®

The double protection against fleas & ticks.

The longest

acting pipette

in retail

for fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larvae

Did you know that DUOFLECT is the longest acting pipette ?

DUOFLECT gives us the longest protection in retail. What are you waiting for ?

  • Ticks:5 weeks
  • Adult fleas:8 weeks
  • Ticks:4 weeks
  • Adult fleas:3 weeks

*For cats, DUOFLECT is effective against ticks for 5 weeks, against adult fleas for 8 weeks and against flea eggs ans larvae for 6 weeks after egg-laying.

  • Ticks:6 weeks
  • Adult fleas:9 weeks
  • Ticks:4 weeks
  • Adult fleas:8 weeks

*For dogs, DUOFlect is effective against ticks for 6 weeks, against adult fleas for 9 weeks and against flea eggs ans larvae for 8 weeks after egg-laying.

Protect your house too!

DUOFLECT is effective against flea eggs and larvae present in your pet environment. 

  • for 6weeks for cats after egg laying.
  • for 8weeks for dogs after egg laying.

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How do I find fleas?

If you do not see fleas, it does not mean that your pet is free of fleas... They can be very hard to find and see. Because of the ability of fleas to breed...

Tips to remove a tick

In order to avoid the transmission of tick borne diseases, ticks must be removed from your pet's skin as fast as possible. 

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